Soothe aching muscles and revive tired bodies with
customised treatment massage,  
blending Eastern & Western massage
techniques with powerful essential oils to leave you
simply floating on air….


Karan Francis Wellbeing Massage
Our signature massage using customised warm essential oil blends and hands on therapy is a deeply relaxing and soothing treatment to unwind tension and knotted muscles, focusing on the legs, back, neck and head alleviating the stress and strain of modern life on mind and body. (m)                          
  1hr 30mins        £65.00   
Hot Stone Massage Therapy
An intensely relaxing massage treatment, using smooth, hot, natural basalt stones, penetrating heat into the muscles and allowing deep manipulation of the tissues, sedating mind and body. (m)
Full Body                       1hr 30mins              £73.00   
Half Body                            45mins               £46.00   
Stress Therapy Massage
Using advanced relaxation techniques, this treatment massage has been developed to relieve muscular stress and tension in the back, neck and shoulders, completed with an ayurvedic head and scalp massage.  A unique sensory experience inducing deep relaxation.(m) 
1hr 15min          £56.00    
Full Body Massage
An indulgent all over body treatment relieving Stiffness and tension, targeting problem cellulite, Blemished or ageing skin, restoring balance to Mind and body and revitalising the senses.
1 hr            £50.00  
Face Neck And Shoulder Massage
Using specially blended aromatherapy oils, this treatment massage works to improve the tone and elasticity of the face and décolleté whilst relieving tension in the neck and shoulders.
A perfect add on relaxer with reflexology or a Hot Paraffin Pedicure.
30min            £28.50   
Back Neck & Shoulder Massage
Concentrating on areas of stress and tension to relieve and restore where you need it most.  
We recommend you combine this treatment with a Dermalogial facial for the ultimate relaxation experience. (m)
30min      £32.00